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Water tricks appetite!

are you hungry or just thirsty?

Is Halloween night one of debauchery on the food and drinks front? When the sun scares away all the ghost and goblins the following morning, do you find yourself moaning and groaning as you get out of bed? Hopefully the party was worth it! Going forward, treat yourself to a little trick all through any day and especially before any celebration! What’s that trick?

Our trick is the treat!

One of the most frightening issues we face today is the rapid rise of obesity on all fronts. Click this link to review the latest stats on how quickly we dig our graves earlier one fork, one gulp at a time. Now more than ever before, we MUST address this health issue! Why? The impact of all the illnesses related to obesity on all fronts will exponentially consume more time, money and related resources every day we stay in denial of this issue.

We do have GREAT news to report regarding the reduction of obesity statistics! Do you know of anyone who retired over 100 pounds and kept if off for at least two (or more) years? (Retired, NOT LOST The opposite of lost is? FOUND!) Based on the results of my nutritional cleansing retreats (in Hawaii), in-home programs and related support tools, your dear (formerly fat) author knows at least a dozen folks who maintain their healthy weight upon retiring in excess of 300 pounds (two people); 150 pounds (six people), 100 pounds (at least a dozen folks INCLUDING myself). As we all know, our physical health plays a key role in our overall personal worth on many levels. Ready to treat yourself to better health? Consider this healthy treat every hour of every waking moment up until three hours before bedtime.


Okay — before you groan about getting an apple in your trick-or-treat bag, listen up! Yes Yes Yes! You’ve most likely heard this motto before, “drink a glass (eight ounces) of water at least eight times a day.” (Kindly note: plastic bottled water is not the best source of purified water as well as a considerable landfill filler). Here’s a little trick our mind plays on you all the time. When you feel hungry, your body is actually signaling for water. When you feel thirsty, you now enter into the dehydrated zone. Click for some common dehydration effects.

So, before mindlessly stuffing food in your mouth (something I did for decades resulting in almost attaining 300 pounds!) when you sense you feel hungry, please, please, please (I BEG of you!), consider the following ideas before eating anything!

Idea 1:Drink one eight ounce (one cup) of purified, room-temperature glass of water.

  • Purified water contains less chemicals (toxins). The more toxins you take in, the more weight you’ll enjoy.
  • Room temperature water. Chilled or ice water is much like water thrown on a fire. Cold water lowers your inner core temperature. Your body will kick-in to burn more calories to warm your body. Hot or iced water is much like gasoline thrown on a fire. Hot water tends to trigger our desire to eat more.

Idea 2:When thirsty, stay clear from other beverages such as juices, teas, ALL alcohol or carbonated drinks of any type! While you might think drinking just about anything is good for replenishing your liquids — this is NOT the case! Juices, teas, etc need to be digested. Digestion involves — yes — you got it — water!

  • Carbonated drinks of any kind do not play well with the digestion process. Click for more details.
  • Teas, coffees or anything with caffeine inspires our bodies to release water.
  • Alcohol — NO! While it’s tempting on a hot day to swig a bear or two to quench a thirst, ever notice how quickly that beer needs to leave your body?

Idea 3: To support the first two ideas above, always carry a refillable water bottle around with you as often as you can. The benefits of this sporting accessory include:

  • saving money! The cost of individual bottles of water add up over time.
  • saving our planet.
  • a reminder to drink more water more often.
  • think more clearly.
  • enjoy fewer colds and flues (helps one’s immune system considerably).
  • unhealthy weight behinds to exit effortlessly.

With the upcoming holiday season fast-forwarding itself upon us, try following this healthy treat as often as possible. Pay attention this season to see if increased water intake keeps you more healthy, more happy and more energized. What a treat to enjoy the holidays with less stress, illness and feeling tired, yes?

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Mix an out, gay social worker with a bald-headed monk. Stir in a shaman. Sip over text. Support: or

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