Releasing What No Longer Serves You

Soul Dancer, Soul University
11 min readMar 31, 2022
Pixabay images: Forest by jplenio. Ocean by Bessi

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We’ll start our exploration on the art of releasing with an example you may consider to be a bit crass. My example involves two daily bodily functions. How often you need to go depends on how much you consume. Drink lots of liquids? Off to the loo — often — true?

My point? The act of releasing what no longer serves you (digested liquids and solids) happens without much thought. When you sense it’s time to go — you go. If you ever ignore bathroom body signals what happens? A moment quickly arrives when you may no longer ignore — you GOT to GO! LOL

Point two? If something happens that you’re unable to go — then what? Discomfort? Pain? Right?

Have you noticed how the longer you hold onto something (or some one) that you know isn’t the best for you — pain / suffering increases? Has pain and/or suffering become so ingrained in daily life you no longer notice it? The more we adapt to pain or suffering the more difficult the art of releasing becomes.

The goal of the following guided visualization is to help you release what no longer serves you with exponentially less pain, effort or thought.