Reflect on your own racial privilege, and learn to listen.

After listening to your inner chorus flavored by the roux of time and experience what lessons have we learned.

Next question: If history is our teacher, what kind of students are we?” Do we wish to learn? Yes? Inclusion requires a risk to learn and grow.

Dr. Gordon I’ve no doubts you’ve made significant impact on countless lives. As teachers it’s easy to discount a simple encouragement, a genuine hug or even a short note in the side column of an essay. We never really know how profound small acts add up in students lives until one day we’re blind-sighted by an Alumni sharing insights on how we course-corrected their life.

Exploring inclusion by pondering racial privilege invites a paradox. How do we dissolve hard-coded tribal tendencies to embrace the strength diversity bestows upon us.

A unique birth name for an out, gay social worker & monk on a mission to learn, laugh and love with ease and grace. Connect direct via

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