Do you use ApplePay to auto-renew your Medium subscription? Yes? Heads-up!

Soul Dancer, Soul University
2 min readSep 20, 2022
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Do you use ApplePay to auto-renew your Medium.Com’s subscription? If so, have you noticed discrepancies concerning your Membership Since dates?

For 2018, 2019, and 2020 I used my debit card auto-renewal my Medium subscription. In 2021 I decided to renew through ApplePay. To do so (per Medium’s Support / direction) I had to:

  • cancel my auto-renew.
  • allow my existing subscription to end.
  • manually renew on my renewal date using ApplePay.

On 2021’s renewal date I used my iPhone to renew my subscription. Day’s before my 2022 renewal — via my ApplyPay Subscription screen — I see my auto-renew is good to go. To my surprise, I discovered:

  1. My Medium.Com auto-renewal was disabled / cancelled.
  2. My “Member since” date reflects 2021. (According to my billing history I’ve been a paid member since 2018.)
  3. According to my membership settings page: “Changed your mind? Contact” When I emailed the email address provided in the Support reply email — I received an instant automated email stating I must use medium’s HELP page to submit a support request to address incorrect membership since dates.

On 09/18/2022 ApplePay did apply my Medium subscription auto-renewal correctly - yea! However, two issues cropped up.

  1. My account billing page lists 2018–2021 payments made by my debit card but no ApplePay payments. Per Medium support response ApplePay payments will NOT be reflected on my Medium account since ApplePay is considered a third-party payment. If you use ApplePay to auto-renew your Medium subscription - review your ApplePay payments for Medium subscription renewals.
  2. According to my account Settings page my Medium Member since date changed from Aug 2018 to August 2021. Medium’s Support did manually update my About page to reflect: Medium member since August 2018 since that’s when I started my membership. My member Settings page under Membership currently states: Medium Member since Aug 2021. Apparently ApplePay auto-renewal payments affects my Settings page to reflect the most recent year.

Do you use ApplePay for your auto-renewal? Are you experiencing these same issues? Comments welcome.

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Soul Dancer, Soul University

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