COVID-19 Wake-Up Challenge

What’s stopping you from waking up? Time? Money? Both?
What’s stopping you from waking up? Time? Money? Both?

As we navigate the tsunamis made by the COVID-19 pandemic one of the waves many face is “what do I do for days (possibly months) cooped up at home!” With boarders, sports, theaters, restaurants, clubs, concerts, spiritual worship centers temporarily closed or limited access (to flatten the spread curve) have you given thought to take time to doing some of the most challenging (yet rewarding) work humans face?

Spanning 40 years of being of service to souls who want to ‘wake-up’ the two most common responses to my question, “Are you ready to get started” are:

1) I really want to get started but I’m just so busy! I don’t have enough time “to do things right.”

2) I really want to get started but I have no extra money to spend.

I always respect both responses based on the reality that while one is willing to get to work, the fear of doing the most rewarding work we can do — is just too great — in that moment.

What kind of work? Waking up. Allowing yourself permission to explore two ancient questions.

1) Who am I?

2) Why am I here?

Fortunately, right here (on there’s tens-of-thousands of posts providing an almost endless buffet of ways to learn, laugh and grow more healthy wealthy and wise.

  • Cost? Time.
  • Money? Less than what you spend a month on stuff you’ve already forgotten about (drinks, candy, snacks, etc.).

The more Medium.Com paid memberships grow the more Medium.Com rewards other paid members for posting their insights, wit and wisdom.

Since August 2019 (after paying my Medium membership fee $50) I gained access to thousands of member-only posts. I know I’ve received 100 times the membership value by absorbing the shared wisdom of those who’ve clearly ‘done their work.’ How do I come to say, “clearly done their work?”

Simple. My path as a social worker (masters level), monk (three orders), shaman (four Nations), published author with over 300K books sold through workshops, seminars, retreats, video-classes I’ve come to know the nuances of genuine awakenings. Those who’ve taken time to truly explore (versus analyze) who they are and why they’re here share a common trait. What trait?

Less (or no) judgment.

Less judgment of themselves.

Less judgment on all levels.

Awakened ones have come to understand and integrate the reality captured in Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. Plato summed Socratic wisdom as: “I know that I know nothing.” Reframe these words by thinking about the reality that the more one learns, the more one learns there’s always more to learn! Right? Is this Socratic paradox an antidote for desire to judge? What do you think?

As I absorb the wisdom offered in Medium’s cornucopia of authors who have a passion to be of service I offer a call to action.

When time presents itself to learn and grow — use it!

With tens-of-thousands of free Medium.Com articles brimming with insights on ways to explore the two ancient questions (above) the excuse of “I don’t have enough money” crumbles.

For those willing to accept a second call to action — ready?

Reward authors by (at the very least) sharing a comment (or comment on a comment). Take the time to let authors know your thoughts, insights, wit and wisdom as well.

In gratitude I bow to all who decide to begin or continue a quest to awaken to their fullest potential, one day, one step, one ah-ha at a time.

A unique birth name for an out, gay social worker & monk on a mission to learn, laugh and love with ease and grace. Connect direct via

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