And? Yes — And!

Soul Dancer, Soul University
2 min readNov 9, 2023

End the stress caused by binary thinking!

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Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to think in simple binary terms?

When scared, the shortest route to feeling safe often forces us to think simplistically. People who use force (versus power) to bend us into binary thinking purposefully blinds and binds potential such that we loose sight of perspective (possibilities).

Think about this question:

Do you feel more powerful when you begin to see more options to solve issues?

The word AND ignites a powerful tool known as brainstorming.

The art of brainstorming requires us to see things from multiple angles.

NOTHING is too silly or outrageous in brainstorming. Something silly may lead to some extraordinarily wonderful ideas.

Use brainstorming the next time you feel uncomfortable because some one or something scares you. For example, you’re on the phone with a some type of official that seems all powerful and scary to you. The moment you feel powerless ask, “So, what are my options.” Have them run down the list.

  • Once you review that list, ask them, “If you were me, which option do you like best — if any?”
  • If they risk being real and answer: “I wouldn’t like any of those options.” then you gain some power to ask for better options.
  • If they answer “Yes” ask them why would they choose that option.

Another aspect to the power of AND helps us see a glass over-flowing (versus half full).

AND invites us to think in terms of MORE versus less.

As we move from

  • lack-based thinking — living life feeling deprived and disadvantaged - to
  • living life where we’re amazed at how much there really IS — already at hand . . .

we feel more hopeful. Powerful!

How’s that old saying go? “Change your mind and you change your world!”

Remember the power of AND the next time you stressed to make a choice. AND empowers us to make wiser choices each and every time.



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