Aloha Dr. Gordon! Outstanding flow and mix of cultural perspectives with anthropological roots. As we awaken to our fullest potentials (individually then collectively) we discover — similar to nature — how symbiosis is the soil of evolution.

But innovation is also a verb; an action, a process to undergo to make new states of being.

Pondering the many technological advances we’ve witnessed spanning the past century — a river of paradox runs through cultural dogmas birthing dramas we now deem the new normal. Example: Texting. To watch a table at your local diner ringed with people silently texting others — some cultures judge said behavior as insulting. As time initiates a new cultural norm will texting replace talking?

I’m old-fashion. NOTHING beats sitting side by side with a curious mind. To look into their eyes as they witness (verbalize) dreams — DELICIOUS on many levels.

Just subscribed to your newsletter. Looking forward to savoring your wit and wisdom . . .

A unique birth name for an out, gay social worker & monk on a mission to learn, laugh and love with ease and grace. Connect direct via

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