My posts blend 45+ years of first-hand experience as an out, gay . . .

Social Worker with a focus on you rapidly awakening to your inner wisdom as fast as you're willing to learn.

Monk (of three traditions - two Eastern, one Western. Private teacher since 1985.)

Shaman (of four Nations - two North American, two South American. Sweat lodge ceremonial officiant since 1981.)

Founder: Soul University (Opened 1990. Ten one-year long courses. Served over 400K so far.)

Owner / Publisher of Medium's Soul University Publication

Producer (live-talk radio; podcast series).

Marriage Officiant (Hawai'i license 2013-03682)

Brother (youngest of nine); Uncle (before I was born LOL); Great Uncle (lost count).

Friend and confidante to a select few who understand grace, balance and service.

Next? It's time for me to learn about you. I learn about you with each comment you share on my posts. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What may I help with? I look forward to being of service.

Imagine me bowing in gratitude before you for your claps, comments, subscription or gift.


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