Soul Dancer, Soul University
Soul Dancer, Soul University

First? Some clarity about my name.

I often hear: "Is that your real name?" Did you wonder if my name was one of those new-agey, artsy-fartsy pen names? Yes? Congrats! Your curiosity matches most new acquaintances. Here's a fun story. Given my passion to teach, lead retreats and speak I travel often. When my passport comes into play a common dance with Customs goes something along the lines of . . .

I smile as I hand my passport to the agent (who - often is a middle-aged gent). I watch his eyes and his expressions as he compares my face to my picture. I do my best to catch his eye movements when they shift from my picture to my name. Here's when I do my best to maintain a straight-face. To watch an official read "Soul Dancer" as a white, old, fat, bald man stands in front of them - so much fun! No doubts they've read all sorts of names. No doubts most names Custom Agents see seem to align with some sort in internalized sense of appropriateness.

I often catch a slight eye-brow rise as they read my name. I do my best to catch the moment they glance up at me again to do a slight Namaste bow. A bow where one places hands together - palm to palm - finger-tips to finger-tips - raised to face level with a slight forward bow. My slight bow seems to convey a message that - yes - I'm Soul Dancer. The more friendly agents smile and compliment me. The more weathered agents share a what-ever glance as they return my dog-eared papers while scanning their screens to learn if I'm flagged for something.

In the US when I share my rainbow adorned drivers license (Hawai'i licenses are pretty), sometimes people smile and comment on what a different name I have. I mirror their smile as I savor their kindness. So, yes. I have a unique birth name.

Moving on to the second and third most common questions? Who am I What do I do?

As you wander through my posts you'll discover who I am and what I do. My posts blend 45+ years of first-hand experience as an out, gay . . .

Social Worker with a focus on you rapidly awakening to your inner wisdom as fast as you're willing to learn.

Monk (of three traditions - two Eastern, one Western. Private teacher since 1985.)

Shaman (of four Nations - two North American, two South American. Sweat lodge ceremonial officiant since 1981.)

Founder: Soul University (Opened 1990. Ten one-year long courses. Served over 400K so far.)

Owner / Publisher of Medium's Soul University Publication

Producer (live-talk radio; podcast series).

Marriage Officiant (Hawai'i license 2013-03682)

Brother (youngest of nine); Uncle (before I was born LOL); Great Uncle (lost count).

Friend and confidante to a select few who understand grace, balance and service.

Next? It's time for me to learn about you. I learn about you with every comment you share.

Imagine me bowing in gratitude before you for your time and interest.


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Soul Dancer, Soul University

Soul Dancer, Soul University

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