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A Mind-Blowing Heart Expanding Soul Nourishing Wedding Ceremony

Soul Dancer, Soul University
5 min readMar 7, 2021


We’ll begin with a story to share how we (you, your partner and I — a licensed Hawai’ian wedding officiant and social worker — masters level) co-create wedding ceremonies that dramatically increase your ability to experience a long, happy, healthy life together . . .

Meet a fictional couple planning to get married — Jamie and Terry.

Before posting invitations Jamie, Terry and I spend a few months mindfully co-creating an experience unlike most wedding ceremonies. During our planning time we often discover topics partners need to spend some time exploring. Before you decide to have a wedding ceremony I ask you:

  1. are you both on good terms with your grandparents (if still alive) as well as your parents (if still alive)?
  2. Has each side of your respected circles of families and friends embraced you both in ways that’ll enhance and support your partnership for years to come?
  3. Have you mindfully explored your lineage and related traditions? How will you honor (or acknowledge new) traditions?
  4. What kind of support do you have (individually and collectively) to nurture your coupledom for decades to come.

Okay — onto a sneak-preview of the wedding day . . .

As a guest you enter a space tastefully filled with poster size pictures of immediate family members from both Jamie and Terry’s family. Terry and Jamie swapped the expensive flower arrangements (flowers lasting a few days) with quality printed posters featuring their closest family members and friends. On the back of each poster is a unique hand-written message from Jamie and Terry to the people pictured on the poster to commemorate their special day. (After the ceremony these posters become gifts for those pictured in the poster.)

As you settle into your seat you notice a few people comfortably seated on what appears to be center stage (think dais, stage, alter). As the moments between being seated and the time Jamie and Terry’s 20 minute(ish) ceremony begins you hear light banter mixed with background…



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